brand builders group


Welcome, Brand Builder

Your strategy is solid and you're feeling ready to move forward to the next level. As a Brand Builders Group Implementation Partner, we are here to translate your rock solid strategy into beautiful design and build the systems to support it. It's time to build a personal brand you're proud to share with the world.

original branding

You've gone through BRAND DNA and know your brand through and through, but you haven't yet seen your brand. This package includes creating your logo, colors, fonts, visual style and additional brand assets. 


strategic creative direction session

brand moodboard: 3 unique concepts

brand identity: logos, colors, typography, images, textures

brand guidelines


visual identity

final brand concept presentation

custom website

You've gone through BRAND DNA + REVENUE ENGINE and you're clear on your business model, audience and content plan. In this website design package, we will design and build a well-branded website and funnel that you're proud to share - and functions how you need.


strategic creative direction session

website customization (showit or kajabi)

mini brand identity: wordmark logo, colors, typography, images

brand guidelines


website + funnel

personal tutorial library on how to use your new website

online course setup

You've gone through CAPTIVATING CONTENT and REVENUE ENGINE and you're feeling great about the structure and quality of the offer. This package will take away the overwhelm and allow you to stay in your genius zone while we build out the nuts and bolts.


full course user experience mapping + setup 

course lesson tiles + workbook graphic design

uploading and organizing content (videos + PDFs + audios)

landing pages, funnels and sales on auto-pilot

course design + setup

Starting at $4500

diy support

Not ready to invest in a large package yet? No worries. If you've been working hard to do it yourself and just need a professional for a little bit of support along the way, we've got your covered.

Looking for a quick win?

brand therapy session

Lay it all out on the table as we work through strategy, design and execution.  Please note this is not a Brand Strategy Call, but a live working session with a professional brand strategist + website designer.

$500 per session

90-minute one-on-one Zoom call

strategic recommendations 

call recording + notes

up to 45 minutes of live design and tech support


90 minute working session

fine-tuning session

You've done as much as you can yourself and are ready for a professional to give it that special touch to bring it to the next level. This is your go-to when you've taken the DIY as far as you can and you need a pro touch to cross the finish line.


90-minute one-on-one Zoom call

functionality set up and testing (integrations + automations)

website copy editing and refinement


$500 per session

website design polishing