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The Art of Lost & Found Podcast

story meets strategy

Stories and strategies to help you uncover insights, resources and tools to help you align with your most creative, abundant and purposeful life.



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12 weeks to refine your vision, create your brand identity and build your website so you can clearly and confidently share your work with the world.

3-month live program

aligned x design

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1:1 coaching


You've got a sense of your destination, but the way feels unclear and you could really use a trustworthy, resourceful, empathetic co-pilot.

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brand + web + course design

strategy meets design

Whether you need a brand, website or course upgrade or you're putting yourself out there for the first time, we've got you.

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Designer Crafted Brand Colors

Free selection of designer curated colors to help your brand feel professional, lively and memorable.

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Brand Builder's Group

personal brand strategy

Want to build your personal brand but not sure where to start (or how to monetize)? From unknown to 8-figure personal brands, Brand Builder's Group is the guide to follow. Click the link below for a free brand strategy call - on me.